Wednesday, 22 February 2012

2012 - An Exciting Year

It's going to be a big year in UK AR.  Whatever your race objectives in 2012, the recent launch of a new UKAR website and the formation of the UK ARClub is a milestone in UK based adventure racing.

It's early days for the UK ARClub yet, but with the enthusiasm from the initial meeting and a small but steadily growing paid up membership, we can start to plan for the future. It won't be easy, or instantaneous, and benefits won't be immediately apparent, but membership is crucial if we are to move on.

Johnny Mayne and Tom Gibbs have done a tremendous job in drafting the new British Championships and the UK Ranking system which basis itself on a range of results over the past two years.  Both are attracting lots of interest in their first year.

The Adventure Racing Ball has just taken place near Coniston with some very smart and somewhat unrecognisable people receiving a range of Awards in different categories. The Ball has been kept alive by a very small group of volunteers, who deserve a big vote of thanks for doing so. I'm aware that some think it is too 'Northern', but as one very experienced competitor said, 'If I want a weekend away, then it needs to be somewhere nice'.  Next year the AR Ball will become a formal UK ARClub function and we'll aim to widen out it's appeal and improve the pre-event and nominations procedures.  But for now, 'Well Done' Sally and Ant and I look forward to the 2013.Awards event and to a great season's racing, whatever your focus.


Joe Faulkner
UK ARClub Chair