Friday, 1 April 2016

Lake Mountain 42 - 3D

The Lakes in 3D - Deviant Desmond's Diversion

With our Lakes Mountain 42 fast approaching and so you can look forward to striking Spring trails taking in the summits of High Street and Helvellyn.   The route is a glorious mix of fast mountain paths but with a big dollop of ascent that tests the very best of ultra mountain runners and walkers.

Sadly, Storm Desmond continues to assert is destructive powers and so it has been necessary to arrange a wee diversion around the Wythburn checkpoint.  This is near where parts of the A591 just north of Dunmail Raise.  This is somewhat ironic as whilst there is a somewhat contrived route through on the 'upgraded' Right of Way, the access issues to and from the car park make it unfeasible.  The final straw is the closed permissive paths, which are patrolled by jobs-worthy security guards, hence, I have decided to give the whole area a miss. I'm not normally shy of access issues but all things considered this is the right thing to do in these circumstances.

Grisedale Tarn to Helvellyn Summit

The 'good news'; is that it will shorten our route by two or three miles and save around 400 metres descent and re-ascent.  
The bad news is that you will lose a roadside drinks station.

Core Event Details

Registration / HQ 

Askham Village Hall - (512 236) registration between 7pm and 10:30pm on Friday, or 5:15 and 5:45am on Saturday.

Start - Mass start at 6:00am, briefing in the small hall at 5:50am. 

Parking - please park very neatly and tightly at Askham village hall - plenty of space if you use it all including the grassed area at the rear of the car park. Early arrivals please set this off well.  Campervans - be discreet


CP1 - Loadpot Hill - 457 181
CP2 - High Street - 440 110
CP3 - Angle Tarn - 417 144
CP4 - Side Farm, Patterdale - 398 162
CP5 - Grisedale Tarn - 351 122
*(CP5A - TBC - Whiteside - depending upon weather / snow on ground)
CP6 - Helvellyn Summit - 341 151
CP7 - Side Farm, Patterdale - 398 162
CP8 - Place Fell - 405 169
CP9 - Martindale Church - 435 192
Finish - Askham Village Hall - 512 236.
* Weather and underfoot snow conditions will determine whether you can descend Swirral;s Edge safely or have to go via Whiteside Zig-Zags... c.347 169

MMandatory Kit 

  • Waterproof jacket and overtrousers
  • Spare mid-layer micro fleece
  • Hat and gloves
  • Map - your choice but most be weather proofed 'paper' map - not GPS. 
  • Headtorch - you may well be out in the dark.
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Survival BAG - not a blanket.
  • Water bottle or Mug - you won't get a drink at our checkpoints without one.
  • Remember this is a Winter / Spring event going over the high tops of the Lake District fells - don't skimp on gear! 

Loadpot and High Street will be staffed but will not have drinks as they are fell tops.
Angle Tarn is unstaffed - CP is a control punch at the boulder on the 'Isthmus' - Google it!
Side Farm, Patterdale - will be staffed with hot and cold drinks and 'nibbles'.  Note that the Tea Room will probably be open to the general public so our checkpoint will be a vehicle and table in the farmyard, and may not be inside.
Grisedale Tarn - Small tent by tarn outlet - staffed but no big buffet!
Helvellyn (and Whiteside?) - Unstaffed CP - control punch on Helvellyn Trig Point.
Side Farm, Patterdale - as above
Place Fell -  Unstaffed CP - control punch on Trig Point
Martindale Church - Unstaffed CP - control punch by roadside gate at church. - Staffed by sweep team later..
Finish - via the back door into the small hall at Askham.
*'nibbles' means our unique selection of NAV4 food, which is primarily savoury bites.  No gels or energy drinks here...sorry.  Food is healthy and hot drinks plentiful if you need them.

Cut-off Times
There are no formal 'cut-off' times on this event but we do expect you to finish for 'last orders' at the pub, so hopefully ...10pm, please?  

We strongly believe in 'Go Steady, Go Strong ... Go Long!'  and will continue to support anyone who is moving adequately in the later stages of the event and  Please consider short routing from Patterdale CP4 if you are 'having a bad day' and returning over Place Fell under your own steam. Our CP staff will advise you appropriately.

Finish Food Fun
Copious amounts of tea, coffee, squash, soup, cake and more cake.   Sadly the Queens Head pub right next door is closed but The Punch Bowl Inn at the bottom of the village is open and so is the 'official' LM42 pub.

Accommodation is plentiful in and around Askham - floor space in the village hall is bookable via your sientries log-in for Friday and Saturday nights.  Breakfast of porridge, toast and drinks of course free to all 'campers' - just sign up at registration.

Lift Share /  FAQs

Please us the NAV4 facebook page to offer or find lifts or post FAQs 
I'll be in touch again just before with an update on snow and weather conditions.           

Thank you - Joe