Monday, 30 July 2012

A steady week's training

A very busy couple of weeks  - some excellent days with clients on rock, mountains and fell, especially a great day with Phil and Ellie focusing on navigational techniques for fell running and mountain marathons.

Also busy with a steady week's training in readiness for Terrex Sting and with The Dragon's Back Race also looming large shortly afterwards.  Had a good run out with Wilko and Sharon McDonald, our new team mate for Sting as a replacement for Pete, who had to stand down with a vulnerable ankle problem. We'll miss Pete greatly; he's such a good guy but this race is out of reach for him at the current time. Good to see he has entered the Wensleydale Tri, which will suit his powerful hill climbing ability on the bike after a quick dip in Semer Water. I'll be there to cheer him on.

Much time being spent on my new full-suss bike bedding in the new transmission and gears, but also out on foot.  Seriously lacking a running speed at the moment as Exped racing doesn't really require much speed so this weekend's Borrowdale race will just be a training 'jog' sandwiched between other sessions....

Soo much to do....

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