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DaffyDo Route Notes


Route Notes

Pooley Bridge to Hallin Fell

Go out of the village hall, turn right and crossroads in c.150metres.
Carry on straight ahead uphill past the campsite on your left.
CP1 is at the top of the lane - Water here. (c.1km/15mins)
Go through the gate and follow the large track uphill for another (c.1km/20mins)

Turn right at junction by cairn and UW Fingerpost sign and go 500m to The Cockpit Stone Circle.  
Turn right again and follow track and rutted path 800m, to cross large stream in dip.
Carry on to find a wall on your right and Barton Park wood.  
Track starts to descends and passes CP2 the ‘Wainwright Sitting Stone’. 1km (15min)  
Continue onward, downhill to cross Swarthbeck (stream) on small stone bridge. (2km/30min)  
Carry on with wall on right for 1.5km (22min).

At split in path,

by marker post with two round roundels on it, go LEFT slightly uphill, as per blue sign.

Follow path by wall to gate at end by house.  Go through gate, down crunchy gravel for 50m,
then turn left through second gate and towards small stone footbridge.
Straight ahead across farm lane, and up short steep grass bank (by red trailer?)  
Onward, with wall on your right, then climb slow up obvious path when wall drops away.

Up and over this little lump .... 'brews' just ahead

Path splits at small concrete post - follow marker orange marker arrows up short steep grass path,
then over top and down to Martindale Church and lane at Martindale Hause.  
1km / 20mins. CP3 here - drinks and nibbles with John and Gaynor.

OK … Ahead lies ‘The Wall’ - aka Hallin Fell.  
The summit is less than 1km away and just a 150 metre climb,
but starts with a very steep grassy ascent is followed by less steep grassy path.
Follow you noses to the top. CP4 here with Peter.  
No drinks, sorry but great views and photo opps - #daffydo for your selfies.
Well Done - Return by exactly the same route.

On The Way Back …
… can look a bit different.  Be aware of the Ullswater Way path split after the Swarthbeck stone footbridge,
and don’t be tempted by the Ullswater Way ‘Pooley Bridge via Lakeshore’ sign post.

Don't go through the gate ...which is intentionally out of shot!

DO NOT GO THROUGH THE GATE  #nocakeifyoudo  
It is slower and harder than the higher level option, with many muddy fields, lots of stiles and gates,
‘orrid tarmac and very little lakeshore!  
Ok, it’s slightly more sheltered, so use in an emergency to reach road if assistance is needed.   

DaffyDo Rules.
You must report to the finish - even if you take the ferry back!
Ferry departs Howtown @ 1.05, 2.55 and 4.00pm. Cost £7.05
Be Safe ….Have fun…Take only photographs, leave only footprints!
Pick up ALL litter you might see - even if it’s not ours!
Smile lots … use ‘SMJ’ and ‘SSD’ - Sound Sensible Decision.
Eat Cake...

Phone 07749364248 in an emergency - or 999 if it is life threatening.    f: NAV4 Adventure    t: @nav4adventure

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